LaFutura Global Conference 2021

November 11 and 12 | Zurich








How can we redesign Society when the future is on fire?

As we start to evolve into our new world, we reflect the past, make sense of the present and translate these insights into a better, brighter and equitable future.

So how do we get there? The key to unlocking a better, brighter and equitable future relies on 360-degree perspective on technological, social, political and environmental trends.


At LaFutura you will meet a global community of the brightest minds in trends, futurism and innovation.

Our speakers and workshops are designed to help each of you create and develop a personal and professional roadmap to building your successful, sound and sustainable future, by understanding the ‘Why’s’ and working out the ‘So What’s.’

Susan Choi
LaFutura Global Conference

Patrick Warnking
Country Director Google Switzerland

Zarifa Ghafari
Mayor Municipality of Maidan Shahr (Afghanistan)

Devon Powers
Associate Professor Temple University (USA)

Reto Largo
Managing Director NEST at Empa | Innovation Accelerator

René Jähne
Technology Transfer Officer at NFS Digitale Fabrikation

Ronald Osumba, Tutu Fellow
Founder and Skipper at iGov Africa

Dennis Hausammann
Founder & CEO at iGroove AG

Chris Luebkeman
Strategic Foresight, Office of the President, ETH-Zürich

Nicole Brandes
Author, coach and speaker

Jasper Udink ten Cate
Creative Chef

Kiwa Iyob
Trend Strategist

Rolf Moritz Estermann
Grill Royal, Kin Dee, Freundschaft, Chateau Royal

Kavita Meelu
Cultural Anthropologist

Peter Haig
IBM Client Center Think Lab – Europe, IBM Research Europe
Dalith Steiger-Gablinger
Global AI Thought Leader, Serial Entrepreneur
Kendra Valentine
Story Strategist
Philipp Noser
Projektleiter Digitization & IT
Lisa Kurz
Projekt Managerin Smart City / Intercity Logistik

The speaker lineup is growing daily.
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Together with IBM's Peter Haig, we will explore Quantum Application & Next Generation Computing, Post Quantum Security, Cognitive AI Data and what’s Next in Computing: Bits, Neurons, and Qubits.

Visit of top innovation locations of Zurich

Come with us to Google HQ Zurich, NEST Zurich, IBM Research Lab and ETH Robotic Fabrication Lab (DFAB)


LaFutura Global Conference brings together forward-thinkers, innovators and futurists to create and develop a personal and professional roadmap to build your successful, sound and sustainable future.

Diversity and Inclusion for Human Potential

with Susan Choi, Zarifa Ghafari, Devon Powers, Kiwa Iyobe, Moritz Estermann, Kavita Meelu and Sarah M. Chinek (November 11)

Kraftwerk // Google // AI Ethics and Tech for Sustainability // Diversity and Inclusion for Human Potential // Cultural Futurism // Rote Fabrik // Foresight // Utopia and Distopia // Robotic Fabrication Lab // Circle Airport // WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Kosmos Zurich
Opening Dinner | November 10

Google Zurich
Morning | November 11

NEST Zurich
Afternoon | November 11

Rote Fabrik
Evening | November 11

IBM Research Zurich
Morning | November 12

ETH Robotic Fabrication Lab
Afternoon | November 12